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Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con, a Martial Arts Sect of Vietnam

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1. History

Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con, a Martial Arts Sect of Vietnam was founded on 29/9/2013 at FPT University – 137, Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District – Da Nang City.

The name of the martial arts expresses its purpose.

Duc (Morality): a goal of the disciples – exercise of human virtues.

Nam (Vietnam): name of the country, where the martial art was founded and developed – it reminds the disciples of their homeland.

Nhi Khuc Con: (nunchaku) disciples’ practice tools.

The term “Duc Nam – Nhi khuc con” means that practicing nunchaku is to build strength and develop moral values – which are not only the wishes of the disciples but also the purpose of the sect.


2. The Founder

The Founder of the sect – Lam Giang – obtained a Bachelor of physical education, specialized in Karate, now teaching at FPT University. He is also a coach at Vovinam, Vietnam Martial Arts Organisation and a board member of Da Nang Vovinam Association.


Before the foundation of the sect, Nunchaku has been practiced in several clubs and many other martial arts schools over the world, but there wasn’t any sect that specialized in Nunchaku.

Human resources management

There are three specialized departments: Martial Arts, Martial Virtues and Martial Forces, whose members are martial artsmasters, coaches of the sect and the Experts. Each department is leaded by a Grandmaster, as shown beneath:


The other activities of the Sect, the management of training centers and branches are in charge of the Executive Board with the consultation of the Grandmasters.

Legal Basis

1. According to Ordinance 16/2011 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on 30/6/2011, Paragraph 4, Article 3 clearly mentioned : ‘rudimentary weapons, including daggers, swords, spears, bayonets, knives, machetes, fruit punch, fruit mace, bow, crossbow’; hence Nunchaku is not considered weapon.

2. Copyright of the Practice


  • The training program of the Practice Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con is granted certificate on 2nd January 2016 by the Office of Copyright – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
  • The Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, was accepted in Berne, Switzerland, in 1886. The Berne Convention was taken into force in Vietnam on 26/10/2004.

3. The Badge of the Sect


The badge has a round shape, yellow fill, white border. The Title Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con is printed on the top layer – Duc Nam is in red, Nhi Khuc Con is in blue and beneath is the logo of the Nunchaku with red sticks and white rope. The Ying-Yang logo is in the middle of the nunchucks and located inside is the shape of Vietnam Map including the islands of Vietnam: Phu Quoc, Paracel and Sprastly. The badge’s diameter is of 9cm

4. The Flag of the Sept


is in rectangular shape; the width is 2/3 of the length. Yellow background with two red and blue adjacent lines lying in the middle, along the length of the rectangle. The Badgeis in the heart of the flag, placing on top of the two red and blue lines.

Martial Arts, Martial Virtues and Martial Forces

  1. Martial Arts

Duc Nam –  Nhi Khuc Con techniques are formed based on the applications of different martial arts schools, on the nunchakus of Karate, Taekwondo, Traditional Martial Arts, Philippines Martial sticks, under the principle of “1 to 3” of Vovinam (The Vietnamese Martial Arts). Based on the fighting attacks, the training program was designed from basic to advanced, with the contents of offense, attacks, single training, double training, multi training, and this is the new character of Nhi Khuc Con training program:

1) The basic offense: in addition to the bare hands, the students use forges of the nunchaku (attack, defense, cross, cut, swept, pass, toss, …).

2) Single attack training (single attack, associated attack and nunchaku martial arts lessons).

3) Facing-attack training: including double training (nunchaku combined with cane, with long stick, with sword, and with nunchaku) and multi-skilled lessons (between nunchaku against all kinds of weapons and bare hands with many people).

2. Martial Virtues

Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con is a product of human traditional culture, created by the Vietnamese to forge human personality, human behavior and cultivate human virtues in order to self-control.

Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con is not only a sport, but also a virtuous martial culture to respect the laws and masters.

The sept’s policy is to respect the martial moralities, to understand the justice and to respect the knowledge. Hence, in order to be recognized as master of Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con, the disciple must have a bachelor degree and present successfully his dissertation on Nunchaku in front of the Board of Masters.

The theory and the lecture on Martial virtues must be suitable for each level. It is necessary to do assessment, to support the disciples in their self-study.

3. Martial Forces

Build strength for the disciple is reasonable according to the physical education principles; furthermore, they have to combine the physical training in general and training specialized in nunchaku.

Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con Sept uses many different forms to upgrade the capacity of every disciple, to enrich his skills during the development of the disciple. In training, the sept applies the science of physical education, such as: Biomechanics in physical education, Physiology in physical education, Theories of physical education, Anatomy in Physical education and adapts them to suit the Nunchaku techniques.

The training tools

For the safety of the disciples in training and competition, the Sept invests in and uses the following tools:



Grading System

The training program of the Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con Practice consists of: two grades and two titles.

The two grades (‘level’ and ‘grade’):

– Level (consists of 5 levels)

– Grade (10 grades: from 1st to 10th)

The two titles:

– The disciples

– The students

The detailed titles:

The disciples (from Grade I to Grade IV)

– The candidate Assistant, Assistant (low level, intermediate level, high level)

– The candidate Trainer, Trainer (low level, intermediate level, high level)

– Master

– Great Master



Class System

In 3 years, Duc Nam – Nhi Khuc Con has got 8 Training Centres in the Highlands of Vietnam, with 1000 students and disciples.

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